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NJ Sea Burials offers a unique, cost-effective alternative to traditional land burials of loved ones. As an ancient tradition, sea burials have a timeless quality to them that is not only breath-taking but a surreal experience. We pride ourselves in meeting all the needs of our customers, making sure to offer a private, dignified and cost-effective service. Set your loved ones free with the scattering of their ashes in a private ceremony with your accommodated guests. Whether it is a loved one's request or the know-how of the family, Sea Burial offers individualized plans from Religious to Military Services and everything in between. Some have called this type of burial the most beautiful funeral they have ever attended. From the prayers, flowers, and ocean setting it is something to take in. We are extremely grateful that we can help families celebrate their loved one and reminisce about the cherished memories they’ve had together.

"All other graveyards show symbols of distinction between great and small, rich and poor: but in the ocean cemetery, the king, the clown, the prince and the peasant are alike, undistinguishable." George Bruce, 1884, St Andrews


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